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Campaign Products

Introducing the "Hifazat Ka Shaoor Campaign": A comprehensive initiative that employs the power of creativity to raise awareness and implement positive changes in the textile industry of Punjab. This campaign features a series of 10 captivating animations, with 5 dedicated to each of the crucial topics - ergonomics and heat stress. Through the endearing characters Billo Dhillo and Rani, these animations communicate essential health and safety messages to workers. Additionally, the campaign presents 2 informative best practices videos for both ergonomics and heat stress control, fostering discussions within textile factories. Accompanied by the melodious collaboration of vocalists Sahir Ali Bagga and Nirmal Roy, the campaign heartwarming song subtly addresses these critical issues, showcased in a music video that portrays two dedicated workers on a transformative journey. "Hifazat Ka Shaoor Campaign" aims to inspire positive change, foster safer workplaces, and ensure the well-being of textile workers while igniting a community-wide movement for health and safety in the industry.


A series of 10 animations -05 on each ergonomics and heat stress- primarily targets workers on health and safety messages about ergonomics and heat stress. Each animation focuses on a key message, brought to life through entertaining stories featuring our beloved characters, Billo Dhillo and Rani.

02 Best Practices Videos

Each on ergonomics and heat stress, these videos show best practices about ergonomics and heat stress controls in textile factories of Punjab.  These videos aim to steer discussion with in factories workers to adopt best practices of ergonomics and heat stress.


Renowned vocalists Sahir Ali Bagga and Nirmal Roy unite their talents in this captivating song. This melodic masterpiece subtly sheds light on ergonomics and heat stress in textile factories. The music video features two diligent workers who are on their transformative journey as they embrace preventive measures, not only for their own well-being but also for the sake of their loved ones. 

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Campaign Posters

A collection of five posters for each of ergonomics and heat stress contain one key message followed by sub-messages to build knowledge about hazards and preventive measures of both ergonomics and heat stress. These posters offer comprehensive knowledge and fostering a culture of well-being and safety throughout the workplace.

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