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Campaign Dissemination

TV Campaign

A television campaign is strategically devised to engage with a wide spectrum of stakeholders within Punjab's textile sector. The campaign effectively disseminates its message by showcasing a series of animated videos during prime time slots on prominent mainstream TV channels, including Dawn News, Aabtaak TV, Duniya News, and Hum News. This concerted effort aims to maximize outreach and create a lasting impact within the industry.


Social Media Campaign

The campaign content and products are shared through social media platform over the span of 30 days to achieve widespread engagement within the textile sector. The social media campaign operates across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms, strategically harnessing their reach and impact.

Dissemination at Factories

Campaign materials are printed and distributed to factories, serving as valuable resources for the health and safety of their workers – the primary target audience. This includes both physical printouts and digital resources for maximum utility and impact.

"We conducted an orientation session on ergonomics and heat stress at our factory, and we were pleased to see the workers expressing keen interest in these topics, recognizing their significance for health and safety. We are committed to organizing regular sessions to keep our workforce informed and promote awareness about these important issues."

Taufeeq Hamza, Masood Textile Mills, Faisalabad.  

"I received brochures on ergonomics and heat stress at my workplace. This information is crucial for understanding the challenges we encounter daily in our work. By adhering to these preventive measures, we can proactively avoid potential health hazards."

Nayyab Javeria, Diamond Fabrics Sheikupura.

"The campaign's knowledge materials are instrumental in crafting training materials to educate workers on preventive measures against ergonomics issues and heat stress."

Muhammad Danish, Crescent Textiles, Faisalabad.

"The resource guides on ergonomics and heat stress have proven to be highly informative, and I believe they will significantly contribute to improving our working conditions."

Muhammad Ramzan, Chenab Ltd. Faisalabad

"Ergonomics and heat stress are often overlooked in our industries. The information we received in today's awareness-raising session is invaluable and something we've never had before—it will be incredibly beneficial for us."

Waqar Ahmed , Nazran Sports Sialkot.

“These sessions provided me with valuable insights into ergonomics and heat stress. I'm excited to share this knowledge with my coworkers, and the best part is that disseminating this information won't incur significant costs."

Aamir Rasheed, Body Media International, Lahore.

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